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Insomnia, my old friend…

My jam today. Trying to compile a list of workout music, and I’m really digging this band. They definitely get my blood going.

I’m so happy that I’m almost completely at 100% after week-upon-week at the mercy of this awful cold that is going around. A lot of the nurses had it (some still do) at work, and Emi brought it into the house from her daycare. It wasn’t the flu, though, which is awesome. Me + flu = no go. With my antidepressants, I have to be careful what medications I take, so I had to resort to more homeopathic treatments this go around, which did alleviate some symptoms, but man… a week ago, what I wouldn’t have given for a shot of NyQuil to knock me out. My friend Dustin told me that I sound like a man who has been smoking for 20 years when I cough. Thankfully it’s on the outs.

Things are going to be busy for me through the next couple of weeks. The new clinic opens up on the 28th, so I’m going to be a bit swamped with getting all of that taken care of. The Doc is great, and she’s as excited as I am to get the practice going. This is my first time working in a doctor’s clinic, and I get to participate in the ground up, so it’s pretty exciting. I’m a bit apprehensive… my experience is almost purely all hospital in nature… I don’t know how well it’s going to translate to a medical office setting, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s perfectly natural to have some nerves, right? Right. And it will be new for her as well, so we’ll figure it out together, I guess. πŸ™‚ Her and I had previous experience working together when I worked in the emergency department, so I have that at least. The rest of the staff in the clinic are excellent. I met them all during their last staff meeting, and they’re all great. One of the massage therapists said that they like the clinic staff to feel like family, and that is something that I really want to have. I love my nurses very much, but the hospital is such a different atmosphere… the nurses work so close together, they’re all like sisters. I’m just the clerical end of things and sometimes I feel like the odd one out. Oh well. Love my job regardless.

I need to get my sleep schedule on track. My insomnia is a little out of control. I don’t want to take my trazodone, though. If I get anything less than 9 hours of sleep on that stuff I’m a drooling zombie. Hate that. Everyone tells me that I need to take melatonin, but I don’t know if I can, so I’m going to ask the pharmacist the next time I go to the drug store. Don’t want to end up with something scary like a seizure or serotonin toxicity. Yikes. :/

This weekend… I need to finish my Christmas stuff, get some baking done and get my room sorted out. Victim Services at work are looking for clothing decorations for their closet, so I figure this would be the opportune time to go through my wardrobe. I have a lot of t-shirts and jeans and things that I no longer wear that are practically new… things I bought when I worked at Walmart but never wore because I decided not to stay while I was in school. I could use that space for some fabulous new dresses. As if I need an excuse to buy more dresses. πŸ˜€

I hope you all have a happy Christmas if I don’t post again before then. πŸ™‚

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