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When the love is pain…

Thank Freyja for espresso. Espresso, you keep my alive and I am forever grateful for your caffeine goodness. If it weren’t for you, working 12 hour days, five days a week and sometimes on weekends would be impossible. I am in the middle of a 12-day stretch currently, and knowing that your dark elixir will suspend my fatigue and make me form words and complete sentences and act like a normal human being… I am beyond grateful to you.

I really should be in bed right now, but I find myself wanting to listen to William Control and drink this coffee instead, so here we are.

I’m going to be starting DDP Yoga soon. I finally got my program in the mail, I’m studying the material, and in a few weeks once I’m all caught up bill-wise and have the cash to meal plan and such… look out. I am so tired of feeling like garbage all the time… eating like shit, feeling like shit, getting winded when I go up the stairs. Once I get my stamina up, I’m going to start lifting weights again. I’m going to get ripped like John Cena and bench press 400 lbs.

No, not really. But having a bit of muscle is going to be awesome.

I need to get my mohawk touched up. My stupid hair grows so fast. I just had my roots done three weeks ago, and I already have a good few centimeters of blonde going on and it’s pissing me off. I wish there was a way to permanently alter your hair colour. I’m thinking that once I lose some weight in my face, I’m going to be going back to shaving my head completely. So much easier to maintain.

Things are going to get pretty busy in the next couple of months. The office is moving again… things in our current setting have no been working out, so we’re jumping ship. I don’t know if I’m going to be participating in the move, or if Jacob and the Doc are going to be doing it all, but it’s a bit of stress because we’ve just got settled and we’re going to have to do it all over again. I have been considering leaving my job at the hospital if I can turn this gig into a full-time one. We’ll see how things go.

I’m thinking about doing some book reviews. Is that something that anyone would be interested in? I’ve been reading a lot lately… I’ve fallen in love with my Kobo eReader. I have had to embrace it… a lot of the books I pick up second hand at the book fairs that I later find out are part of series… are out of print. Kobo allows me to get those books I’m missing without spending a fortune on Amazon or ABEbooks. Anyway. I’ve been reading a lot and I want to start writing again. Book reviews: yay or nay?

Okay. Bed time now.

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