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Working hard… hardly working…

Four hours of sleep is not a good look for me, and there is not enough espresso in the cosmos to aid me at this point. I’m having such a hard time concentrating, I have a whopping migraine, and I feel like one of the kids from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Droopy-eyed caffeine zombie, coming through. It sucks because I need to be at least a little productive today. I’m here at the office by myself, and it’d be a little suspicious if I had nothing done for tomorrow, but here I am.

At least I get to pick my own music, so soundtrack of the day is A Perfect Circle.

Thank Ba’al that I get to see my massage therapist this afternoon. I have been seeing Chris for my migraines for the last couple of months now, and I always know when I’ve waited too long to see him because I will have a day like today. Once I get home this evening … I will be floating and I am so looking forward to the restful sleep I will be getting tonight (family permitted). It’s a good thing too because this weekend my boss and I are heading to Kelowna for the Telus Health EMR Symposium and I want my brain at least at a 75% so I can learn the fuck out of what’s being presented there. I’m pretty excited, as this will be my first “official” medical event that is with other professionals and not just MOA’s. I almost keeled over when The Doc told me we were going. Any opportunity to learn new shit and be better at my job? GIMME. There’s going to be doctors there, tech people, other MOAs and office managers… I’m going to be taking notes.

And my Urban Decay and Jeffree Star Cosmetics because let’s face it. My brain might slay on the daily, but my face needs to be professional and fierce as fuck. Being a heavily tattooed individual in this industry is in itself a challenge, so I have to show them that yes, there is a skull on my chest but no, I’m not a drug addict and finally, that I clean up superbly. Which I do. I bought myself a brand new curling iron, I’ve got hair spray for days and I’m touching up my roots tonight. I have to make sure my best blouses and skirts are laundered, and that my pumps are buffed. I was thinking of wearing a pair of my Iron Fist heels, but I am still undecided. Can’t abandon all of my gothic wiles, now can I?

Anyway. Kelowna is going to be really exciting, and I am geared up to take a lot of pictures. The Doc and I are going to have a blast.

I need more coffee. My phone is being eerily silent right now, so I might just put it on to voicemail and go grab another one. *sneak sneak*

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