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Each word gets lost in the echo…

Bane, at your service.
Bane, at your service.
The smoke is still messing with me. It will be completely clear and lovely one day (despite being hotter than the Devil’s hot tub) and then the next day, like today, the smoke is so thick that I can taste it. Going outside without my respirator is out of the question. While I was at home, I went outside for less than two minutes just to run the garbage to the bin and my glob, you guys… my eyes watered and swelled up, and it felt like I had been punched in the chest. It’s awful. The smoke has caused this… epic, epic mucus build-up in my chest that has reduced me to purring when I breathe.

Pretty glamorous, let me tell you. I didn’t choose the asthma life, the asthma life chose me.

I should feel grateful though because at least I am still home. We haven’t been re-evacuated and at this point, I don’t think we will be. The fire department up in my area have actually slowed down their operations, so I am taking that as a very good sign. Hopefully, that trend continues. Fingers crossed.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy. The ward at the hospital still is not functioning, but I’m on my holidays from there until the 19th anyhow… but what’s going to happen after that is still unclear. My theory is that they’re probably going to keep the ward closed until the alert is lifted, so I probably won’t be going back to the hospital to work anytime soon. I will have to let them know I’m available for the ER, but knowing them… they just won’t call. That happened when I was casual. They just didn’t call and I was like… WTF. I won’t complain too much, though. The clinic is keeping me busy. Three weeks in a practice of over 7,000 patients creates a lot of paperwork and I have much to catch up on. Getting there, though. Most of my paperwork is caught up on, except for the stack that came from The Doc’s inbox at the hospital. I still have to scan that and enter it into the charts. The hard part is knowing who’s in town and who are still evacuated, either due to their location or the air quality. Or who just isn’t answering their damn phone. Makes for a long day.

I don’t have the patience for people that don’t answer their phone. Like… answer your damn phone and talk to me so I can scratch your name off of my call list, please and thank you. Like… hot damn, people.

This weekend… I plan to start my downsizing. Need to clean the bathroom and steam clean the carpet in the hallway. One of the cats peed on the carpet during a fight and I just… cannot get the smell/stain out. I hate the smell of cat urine so fucking much. My cat Kirby isn’t too bad because he drinks so much water that he pretty much just pees water, but my sister’s cat is getting up there in years and she is a stinky little thing. It was probably her that pissed, but you know… can’t get my lazy fuck of a sister to help me. “It wasn’t Queenie, you’re just a bitch.” Like… fuck off, really? We share the same damn hallway. Help me bring the steam cleaner upstairs. *shakes head*

My first set of nails since being home:

Nails by Jody @ Awaken Day Spa.

Feels good to feel human again.

Back to work. I need to get some more of these names off my list, and I need more covfefe.

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