Metal Dump: Currently Listening

Back in the day, on one of my earlier blogs, I used to have this thing every Monday called “Metal Monday” where I featured and talked about a new metal band that I had discovered and was crazy about… I’ve been thinking about bringing that back. I’ve been getting back into the music pretty hardcore lately, and it seems like a great way to get that out there, instead of just bugging my Facebook friends with my discoveries. I realize that it isn’t Monday, it’s Wednesday, so I’m not going to do a certain band… but to get my momentum going a bit, I’m going to just share my current listening.

Skull Fist – “Bad For Good”

Cradle of Filth – “Heartbreak And Seance”

Arch Enemy – “The Eagle Flies Alone”

KoRN – “Black Is The Soul”

Jinjer – “I Speak Astronomy”

Thoughts? Reactions? Please feel free to comment. A metal discussion is the best discussion.

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