Feeling shiny today. My doctor increased my medication, and I am actually feeling quite a bit better, which is a relief. Having MDD is such a constant, exhaustive battle sometimes… I really need to get back into the swing of things with my meditation and my CBT program… I’m going to tackle that next, but it’s nice to be feeling a bit of relief, finally. Need to pay better attention to my stress levels and practice better self-care.

Got a killer migraine today, though. Didn’t stop me from going for a walk at lunch, though. It’s so beautiful outside. Not too chilly, but it’s comfortable and the wind wasn’t too bad.

This month has been a bit of a blur. The whole… being evacuated and losing almost a month of my life has thrown me off so much. Hard to believe it’s going to be approaching the Christmas season soon. Going to do some Samhain baking this weekend, and put some final touches on the make-up look for my costume. Emilie is going to be Kylo Ren from Star Wars and I am so happy that she’s into Halloween this year. Last year she threw a fit and didn’t want to take part. I am thankful for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” because they seemed to have changed her mind. Fickle little thing.

And speaking of Emilie! She lost her first tooth:

She ended up swallowing it, which was a bit devastating, but she’s so excited for the next one. I was really worried about it… four seemed a bit early to me for her to start losing teeth, but apparently, that’s common for girls. I don’t remember losing my first tooth, and the teeth I do remember losing, didn’t come out until later. I’m just hoping that now that her adult teeth are coming in, that she’s not going to have the same jaw issues that I did. It will be a few years before we can really tell, but I have my fingers crossed.

I will do a better update when I’m on my own computer – I don’t care too much for my ergonomic keyboard at work.

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