First off, site updates! I have started to put together the writing section, which you can access from the “C’est Moi!” menu above. There is only one essay there right now, but I am compiling writings from my old notebooks and putting together some reviews and the like, so hopefully, by the end of the weekend, there will be a little bit of a collection going on. Also! I bought a premium WordPress theme some time ago, and I’m actually going to take the time to sit down and tweak it and get that going. I’m going to be experimenting with headers and such, see if I can’t improve on what I already have.

Making progress has me all like:

Otherwise, life has been pretty dull as of late. Work, work, and more work. It would be a lie to say that I’ve got a lot going on outside of the clinic. I’m hoping to change that, now that the spring has finally meandered its way out of wherever it was hiding. The temperature is nice and cool today, but the sun is out and the wind isn’t too bad, so I might take a walk after work tonight. See how that goes.

I’m going to be starting my Isagenix protocol tomorrow. Got to fit into my dress for Tieneke’s wedding without eight layers of Spanx and a corset, so hopefully, this will help me out. I was able to get the vegetarian/vegan option, so I’m going to tailor it to what I need. I will probably start making regular weightloss update posts here as I make progress, so wish me luck. I’m excited.

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  • Dee

    Yay for site updates! I’ve just done some myself. I will check out your writing section. 🙂

    I’m also on a weight loss journey and eating a vegetarian/mostly vegan diet. 😀 Good luck with everything! You can do it! 😀

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