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#fannibal For Life

Look what I got~! Finally, after years of who-hawing and contemplating, this beauty is mine:

It took four, almost five hours, to complete and I was so proud of myself because I sat through the entire thing and didn’t gripe and I only needed a break once when my bottom cramped up (Brian’s chair has literally no padding on it – a fact that he himself admits). Thankfully, my wonderful boyfriend was there for company and he let me squeeze his hand because towards the end it was getting kind of dicey. Here was the finished product:

It’s a beauty, non? It is on the side of my left thigh. The healing journey was pretty decent, aside from my little ginger loving to lean on me. Now her favorite thing to do is say “Mom, your leg still hurt!?” and poke me with her little dagger nails.

I hope everyone had a lovely Hallowe’en. I went trick-or-treating with my little ginger, my boyfriend, his little ginger, and his ex-wife and her girlfriend. It was a lot of fun, considering the temperature was less than ideal and I wore the wrong sweater. After we bombed around the neighborhood, we went to the bonfire/fireworks party at the fire hall. Emilie enjoyed it, as she got to hang out with all of her little friends from school and they didn’t have a cap on how much hot chocolate we could have, which = bonus.

My costume was a bust because my rosacea decided to make an appearance, but there is always next year. Maybe I can score some oral metronidazole as well as topical, so I can bomb it off of my face. I’m planning to save my pennies and score a bloody Wendigo mask from Immortal Masks (check it out here) and rock it next year. Terrify the townsfolk and all of that jazz. I’m so excited. 🙂

Keeping busy, keeping busy. Today is the first day that it’s been really cold outside (it was -9°C/15.8°F) outside my house this morning, and it just feels like I should be inside with a giant mug of espresso and hot chocolate and wrapped up in my Kylo Ren and Jason Voorhees blankets. Two more hours of work… and I think that that is what I am going to go and do.

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