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Oh look, a recent picture of my face. I haven’t made a habit of posting selfies here, since I usually use Instagram for that, but I was kind of feeling myself a bit. During my recent trip to Kamloops to see the neurologist, I visited Sephora and purchased an Everlasting liquid lipstick from KVD Beauty, and I thought it looked so nice. It was a shame it only lasted about three hours, which I was very disappointed about considering the price, but it’s so pretty. I’ve been experimenting with make up a lot lately, and it’s made me feel pretty good.

As mentioned, I recently travelled to Kamloops to see a neurologist. It took 7 months of wait, but I finally had my nerve conduction studies done. He was able to rule out carpal tunnel syndrome but he said that the only thing that he could think of to explain my peripheral neuropathy, because I’m not diabetic, was multiple sclerosis. It was pretty jarring to hear that, because MS is not something I would have ever considered myself. We had a good conversation, but he was quick to tell me that he generally only dealt in carpal tunnel, so he didn’t order or recommend any further investigations for me, saying that he would leave it up to my doctor to decide what our plan was. I had my follow up appointment with my doctor, and I was a bit agitated to learn that he had not put anything of our conversation about MS in his notes, and my doctor was a bit taken aback when I mentioned it to her. He recommended a consult with the hand surgeon for my De Quervain’s but that was all he recommended. I was a bit perturbed, but my doctor is going to refer me to a different neurologist and have them order an MRI of my brain, to check for lesions. She said that she would order the MRI for me, but it would take months because they usually need to have a specialist involvement, which seemed reasonable to me.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions about the entire thing. I have been reading a lot about the symptoms of MS, and a lot of it seems to fit with the things I am feeling. The tricky thing… some of those things could be attributed to other conditions and I ended up having to stop because I was stressing out and getting myself upset. I was looking through my physician portal at work, and the shortest time to see a neurologist is 6-9 months, which… I made the 7 months waiting for my EMG, so I think I’ll be okay.

Oh oh! And continuing my toe dip back into deathcore, Lorna Shore released a new song that probably has the most intense, filthiest breakdowns of the year.

Enjoy. I’m working on some new stuff that I hope to post soon. I hope everyone is having a good day. 🙂

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