I am back, my friends! There was a little hiccup in my web hosting (old billing information – bloody nightmare), but I have sorted out all of those issues, and I am back.

I am so grateful that A Small Orange just suspended my account, instead of terminating it, because having to start over again with a new domain and a new blog and all of that nonsense would have been a nightmare. Especially now that I am starting to make plans and get things how I want them. You can’t really tell at the moment, but lets just say that I have a lot of things in the “draft” that are just waiting for their final edits. 

Actual phone of me creepin’. Just kidding… or am I? :p 

So! Getting back to it. This past week has been a bit stressful and full of anxiety because Miss Em started kindergarten. Little rascal is so determined to do everything herself; she won’t even let us take her to school in the morning. This morning I had to put her on the bus and I was just a ball of nerves. 80% of the children in my neighbourhood aren’t even kids, they’re teenage boys, and I just… watch way too much Forensic Files and SVU. A legitimate concern, I think, but try explaining that to a 5-year-old who only hears “NO BUS.” She did well, though.

So… this new WordPress editor is interesting? Still figuring out the kinks. Might just stick with classic, but it’s similar to the new LJ editor but fancier. 

Anyhow. I’m glad to be back. There is a lot of stuff on the way. 🙂 

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Be right back, slowly perishing in the heat. 

We actually had an extreme heat warning this morning, which… is insanity to me. It was expected to rise to about 40°C (104°F) in some areas. I can’t even comprehend that. 

Needless to say, I have been hiding inside in the air conditioning. My boss came back from lunch and said that it “wasn’t too bad,” but her version of awful temperatures and mine… much, much different. She’s from Africa, after all. Much hotter there than here in good ol’ British Columbia. 

I also had to dig out my respirator (aka my Bane mask) because of all the smoke from the wildfires. Between the fires in California, here in the province and in Ontario… the smoke is nice and thick and chunky. There’s a fire of about 600 hectares 45 minutes away from my house, and the ash had blanketed my yard and my mom’s truck the other morning. I woke up and my lungs were so tight that I had to use both my inhalers (which I hate doing – gives me palpitations like crazy) just to function semi-normally. 

Having flash backs of the evacuation last year, too. I was so lucky last year, who’s to say that that luck will repeat itself, right? 

Between the heat, the smoke, and the anxiety, August has been a pretty banger. Not. 

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*blows off the cobwebs*

I hate that when I finally think I have time to work on this blog, I just… don’t, LOL. I have been so crazy busy this past month, I am still having a hard time accepting that it’s almost the end of July already. Time flies when you’re overworked and sick as Hell, right? Right. LOL.

I have made a lot of changes, though, and made some steps that I am pretty proud of. I gave up my rotation at the hospital, so instead of working a 60+ hour work week, I am down to 40, like a normal human. I will still be picking up at the hospital on occasion, but after two years of working the long hours… my body is grateful for the break. It’s been two, almost three weeks, and I have noticed an immense difference in how I feel overall. I have more energy, I am not so tired and irritable all of the time, I actually have an appetite, and my skin is getting better. Which… is a huge fucking plus, because cystic acne is pretty much the worst. I also have some actual time in the evenings, and I can have dinner at a decent hour. Which… I didn’t really realize how much that affected me and my sleep.

Oh, oh! And the best thing about it all – I can actually go to sleep! I am sleeping for 9 hours a night, without waking up, without the need for sleep aids or Ativan. It’s so amazing. I don’t think I have slept this well since before I was pregnant. I am feeling pretty awesome in the mornings. It’s great. 🙂

I got my nails done this past Saturday. I let my esthetician play with some new chromes that she got, and I think it turned out pretty bad ass. It’s over a black base (of course).

She told me that she’s going to be getting in some more colours soon that we can play with. I’m pretty excited.

So, I’m working on some music reviews and such that I will hopefully finish up and post this week. One is a review of the new Chelsea Grin album that just dropped this past Friday… I’m also looking at maybe the new Deathless Legacy and Carach Angren discs. We’ll see how good it goes. I’m also working on an essay/open letter piece that has been a definite challenge for me. It’s a tough one, brings up a lot of old wounds and it’s been like having a re-excision. Should be interesting. All for the sake of self-love and healing trauma, right? Right. 🙂

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