Daily Music Photo Dump


Happy belated 2019 everyone! I kind of wanted to do a little “2018 in review” post, and I must admit… I’ve been a little bit tardy with it. Things have been a bit crazy the last couple of months, with work and being ill (I got some kind of viral gastroenteritis over the holidays – …

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Daily Photo Dump

#fannibal For Life

Look what I got~! Finally, after years of who-hawing and contemplating, this beauty is mine: It took four, almost five hours, to complete and I was so proud of myself because I sat through the entire thing and didn’t gripe and I only needed a break once when my bottom cramped up (Brian’s chair has …

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Daily Photo Dump Work Related


*blows off the cobwebs* I hate that when I finally think I have time to work on this blog, I just… don’t, LOL. I have been so crazy busy this past month, I am still having a hard time accepting that it’s almost the end of July already. Time flies when you’re overworked and sick …

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