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    Cassini appreciation post!

    Sorry for the lack of posting (right after I’ve said that I’m going to get onto a regular blogging schedule – *shakes head*), but I’ve been down and out with pertussis. Which is lame, but I’m hopped up on antibiotics and steroid inhalers, so at least now I can function without coughing so hard that I black out and urinate myself (a little TMI – but hey, shit happens… or piss happens, should I say). The moral of the story, I suppose… vaccinate your kids and keep up on your boosters.

    Anyway! Just a short one today. I’m currently on my lunch hour at work. Four hours in the bag, eight to go. 🙂 I just wanted to throw out there that I am loving the little graphic on Google today:

    Too cute. Google is really killing it. And of course, which I am also super excited about… Cassini itself. 🙂

    I’ll be back!