Daily Photo Dump Work Related


*blows off the cobwebs* I hate that when I finally think I have time to work on this blog, I just… don’t, LOL. I have been so crazy busy this past month, I am still having a hard time accepting that it’s almost the end of July already. Time flies when you’re overworked and sick …

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Daily Rants Work Related


Merry Newtonmas everyone! 🙂 Normally, I would post everything that I received as presents, but since I am pulling a 12.5 hour shift today, that will have to wait until tomorrow. LOL. Hooray for triple time though, right? LOL. To be honest, I would rather be in bed, but scheduling caught me at a weak …

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Daily Work Related


My entire life at the moment. Who needs a life, right? LOL. The weather has taken such a cold turn, and I think the end of daylight savings time only encouraged it. I woke up this morning to -18°C (-0.4°F) and it was so cold in my room that I couldn’t feel my feet and …

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