Working hard… hardly working…

Four hours of sleep is not a good look for me, and there is not enough espresso in the cosmos to aid me at this point. I’m having such a hard time concentrating, I have a whopping migraine, and I feel like one of the kids from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Droopy-eyed caffeine zombie, coming through. It sucks because I need to be at least a little productive today. I’m here at the office by myself, and it’d be a little suspicious if I had nothing done for tomorrow, but here I am.

At least I get to pick my own music, so soundtrack of the day is A Perfect Circle.

Thank Ba’al that I get to see my massage therapist this afternoon. I have been seeing Chris for my migraines for the last couple of months now, and I always know when I’ve waited too long to see him because I will have a day like today. Once I get home this evening … I will be floating and I am so looking forward to the restful sleep I will be getting tonight (family permitted). It’s a good thing too because this weekend my boss and I are heading to Kelowna for the Telus Health EMR Symposium and I want my brain at least at a 75% so I can learn the fuck out of what’s being presented there. I’m pretty excited, as this will be my first “official” medical event that is with other professionals and not just MOA’s. I almost keeled over when The Doc told me we were going. Any opportunity to learn new shit and be better at my job? GIMME. There’s going to be doctors there, tech people, other MOAs and office managers… I’m going to be taking notes.

And my Urban Decay and Jeffree Star Cosmetics because let’s face it. My brain might slay on the daily, but my face needs to be professional and fierce as fuck. Being a heavily tattooed individual in this industry is in itself a challenge, so I have to show them that yes, there is a skull on my chest but no, I’m not a drug addict and finally, that I clean up superbly. Which I do. I bought myself a brand new curling iron, I’ve got hair spray for days and I’m touching up my roots tonight. I have to make sure my best blouses and skirts are laundered, and that my pumps are buffed. I was thinking of wearing a pair of my Iron Fist heels, but I am still undecided. Can’t abandon all of my gothic wiles, now can I?

Anyway. Kelowna is going to be really exciting, and I am geared up to take a lot of pictures. The Doc and I are going to have a blast.

I need more coffee. My phone is being eerily silent right now, so I might just put it on to voicemail and go grab another one. *sneak sneak*

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I was debating on whether or not I should write about this… I still am having a lot of mixed feelings about it and the wound is a little raw.

Sometime early Thursday morning, the office that I work in was broken into. Some little asshole threw a rock through the front window, went in, and made a giant mess of the reception area. My computer monitor was knocked over, the screen smashed, and my phone damaged. The glass from the window damaged the leather chairs in the waiting area, as well as we had to get rid of the majority of our magazines and dump the candy dish, get new carpets… fucking nightmare. Here are pictures of what I showed up to:

I showed up at the usual time… five minutes to 8. The RCMP were there already, thank goodness. When I got there, the Constable was waiting on the crime scene investigator. We weren’t allowed into the building around 10. Thankfully the Doc’s husband brought a coffee box and muffins from Starbucks, so I was able to nourish my caffeine addiction, budding tension headache, and keep my hands warm. Once the CSI guy was finished with the outside, Jaime, the Doc, and I got to work cleaning up the glass. By the end, we had the cleanest sidewalk section on the whole street.

It was quite an ordeal getting the bigger shards into a box for the dumpster in the cold, but we managed. By the time we were finished, we were allowed back into the building, and we began the clean up in the reception area. Thankfully, as far as we could tell, nothing had been stolen. Discussion amongst the Doc, myself, Jaime and the Constable ended with the theory that the person who broke in was either: a) looking for drugs to sell and didn’t find any, or b) thought that there might be a full safe. Either way, they were scared off by the security alarm and ran back out before they could do a thorough search.

Bloody idiot, whoever they were. The only drugs the Doc keeps in office are samples of Tylenol and Advil and our cash box is hidden pretty well. If you didn’t know if was there, you’re not going to find it.

We had the office semi-functional by mid-day. Most patients that had to be rescheduled were very sympathetic and understanding, and of course, there were a couple who should have been beaten to a pulp with a club for being such inconsiderate pricks, but that’s just me being bitter.

The hardest part of the entire ordeal was how it affected the Doc. She held it together all morning, kept her smile on, but when we went for lunch… it got to her. I guess because since our equipment was the only things damaged, and of course the nature of some of the people that she deals with (both in the Emergency Room and in office), she came to the conclusion that it was a targeted attack. Which… I could see how she could come to that conclusion; however, since her offices weren’t touched (the perp didn’t even get that far into the building) and the perp clearly went behind the reception desk only before bailing… I didn’t think that that was the case. After some discussion… she just… broke down and started to cry.

I felt so lost. I didn’t know how to comfort her. I’ve come to think of the Doc as more than just simply my boss; she’s my friend. She’s an incredible woman who is amazing at what she does, and she genuinely cares. She’s an excellent advocate for those in her care and fights tooth and nail for them. I admire her so much, and to see her like that… I just felt so lost. Would it have been appropriate to hug her? I don’t know. It hit me pretty hard. What assurance could I have given her? Thankfully her husband was there; he was able to talk her down and comfort her.

The rest of the day flew by. I spoke with a lovely woman from the radio station and ended up on their webpage, the window was replaced by the time I went home… only two of the 15 people who were canceled didn’t get rescheduled (I hate when people don’t answer their phones). Overall… a bad situation that ended well, I suppose. Hopefully the RCMP are able to catch the person responsible. They got finger prints and boot prints, and since there were three other break ins… obviously whoever they are, they’ve done this before. If they’ve been caught before, they’ll be caught again.

Fucking assholes.

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